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Start making a difference 

 Train to be a Spiritual Healer

We currently offer 2 types of training, a one day "starter" day. At the end of this one day training you will be able to ask for and receive healing for yourself.

This first day is also the first day of Stage 1 professional healer training. Stage 1 has 4  training days spread over 4 or 5 months. This will give you the basics to start your own business or give you a much deeper understanding of healing yourself.

Why not start with day 1 and see how you feel?

  • Learn how to call in Heavenly spirits to heal yourself and others

  • Develop the depth and clarity of contact with your own spirit and other spirits

  • Clear the negative past lives and blocks holding you back

  • Learn how to protect yourself from negative energy of all kinds

  • Improve your confidence, self esteem, happiness, health, finances etc

  • You can set up your own business and earn some extra money

  • 4 training days spread over 4 or 5 months focusing on different aspects of healing needed to become a professional healer or a 1 day condensed training to be able to heal yourself and your loved ones

  • Held in Northampton, just off the M1

  • Distance training by email is now available 

  • Please contact us for training dates 

  • Training with a group of other like minded souls costs £200 per day (discounts are available)

  • One to one training is also available focused to your individual development needs on dates to suit you, each day costs £300

If you are not sure if you are ready for 

spiritual healing training contact us and we 

will ask the spirits for guidance for you