Body & Mind Matters

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Spiritual healing 

  •  It's easy to receive 

  • It's deep, effective and long lasting

  • It works on emotional, physical and mental issues or a mix of things, you don't even have        to know what is causing the problems

  • It's private, no one else need ever know. We'll never ring you, we only  ever contact you by        email

  • You don't need to be available at any specific time, we tell you what day your healing will          be done but it will be at any time during that day

  • Costs starting at just £20 per healing

"A few months ago my life was a mixture of anxiety and frustration due to insecurities and behaviours within myself.  I awaited the arrival of each new day with trepidation and dread.  

Then one day someone told me about the powers of spiritual healing but I was sceptical to say the least!

Having nothing to lose and nowhere to turn I began to receive healing without feeback from Rosemary of Body& Mind Matters.

Easy healing has turned my life around and progress came so quickly. I feel like a different person, with an enjoyable, manageable daily life.   So huge, heartfelt thanks to Rosemary and the healing spirits who now watch over me."

Carol from Winkfield, Bucks