Body & Mind Matters

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In conjunction with the Heavenly spirits we have developed a number of scripts that enables you to call upon the Heavenly spirits yourself for spiritual healing. These self-healing guides contains all the information you need to give yourself healings aimed at different problems. You don't need any special skills or training: everyone can do it! Each pack is £75 and is available in a spiral bound book or email.

  • Take back control of your life

  • Work on physical, emotional and mental problems

  • Heavenly spirits do all the healing so you can't do yourself any harm

  • You can't get it wrong - you just read the script

  • You can ask for healing wherever you are, day or night to suit you

  • Give yourself healing as often as twice a day for fast improvements

  • The guides also contain a script to ask for Heavenly protection

  • This is a tool for life

  • See below the self help packs that we offer

These would make the perfect gift!

Self - Healing Pack 

This pack enables you to heal your own problem areas, physical or emotional.

Entity Removal Pack 

This self help pack enables you to remove any entities you have and to stay entity free on an ongoing basis by reading the script daily.