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Spiritual healing is just as effective 

no matter how you receive it

Here are your options:

Healing in Person: This healing is done in a one to one session Rosemary Greenfield. These sessions are 60 minutes long and include healing and some time to talk through any past or present issues. This is ideal if you want some emotional support as well as healing. We are based in Northampton. £60 per session.

Healing on the telephone or Skype: Rosemary will telephone or Skype you at an arranged time for your 60 or 35 minute sessions. You have some time to talk plus your spiritual healing. £60 or £35 per session

Healing by email: You receive spiritual healing and an email detailing the healing that you received that day. The healing will be done any time on a previously arranged day. This type of healing works well for busy people, people who do not want to talk through their problems, or people on a tighter budget. £25 per session. Enquiries from all English speaking countries welcomed.

“This therapy has changed my life in so many ways. It’s something I couldn’t do by myself!

I'm changing things that I always wanted to change. It has become so easy. Life doesn’t need to be a struggle!”

Tanya, Northampton