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Spiritual healing is just as effective 

no matter how you receive it. 

This is because 

the Heavenly spirits do the work without 

needing to communicate with the recipient 

Here are your options:

Healing with communication by email:

Option 1 - You receive spiritual healing and an email detailing the healing that you received that day, giving you details of the emotions and other information given to us by the spirits. This feedback can be very specific or very vague. The healing will be done any time during a previously arranged day. This type of healing works well for busy people and people who want to know what baggage the spirits were working on. This costs £30 per healing.

Option 2 - You receive spiritual healing without any details regarding the healing that you received that day. The healing is exactly the same you just don’t know what the spirits were working on. This type of healing works well for people on a tighter budget or people who do not want to know anything about the trauma that is being released. The healing will be done any time on a previously arranged day. Costing £20 per healing.

Self Healing:

Option 3 - Self healing. You buy a self healing pack and heal yourself.  A one off cost of £75. You can use this pack for the rest of your life, making this very good value.                          

“This therapy has changed my life in so many ways. It’s something I couldn’t do by myself!

I'm changing things that I always wanted to change. It has become so easy. Life doesn’t need to be a struggle!”

Tanya, Northampton