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Just as there are Heavenly spirits there are negative spirits that we call entities, they range from mischievous to pure evil. They literally do the devils work. Entities are attracted to a person's negativity and their job is to create more negativity. They often will literally attach themselves to people, even children and go everywhere with them and create as much chaos as they can, so they can also be called attachments. These are some of the problems you can experience if you have one or more entities:

  • They can make you tired and more negative

  • They can mess with electronic devices so that they don't work or make             your car break down

  • They can lead you make bad decisions.

  • They can create problems with money or health.

  • They can cause problems in your relationships and much more......

All in all they are very disruptive and they will not usually move on voluntary because they are getting what they want, which is negativity, they literally feed on it. 

If an entity goes unchallenged (meaning the Heavenly spirits don't move them away from you) they will continue to cause as much unhappiness, chaos and disruption as they can for the rest of your life and possibly attract in more entities. This is why it's so important to get all the entities moved on.

We can clear your entities for you using a specialised healing technique or you can use our Guide to Removing entities which will enable you to keep clear of entities for the rest of your life.

We are happy to check to see if you have one or more entities. 

Just contact us and ask and we'll check with the Heavenly spirits for just £15 per person. We can also check your business!