Body & Mind Matters

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Spiritual Healing can be used to clear or improve all types of emotional, mental and physical issues including:

  • Removing entities or negativity sent to you by other people

  • Clearing negativity from past lives, future lives, ancestors and timelines

  • Divorce, bereavement and loss of all kinds

  • Been bullied or abused

  • Losing your job or feeling unappreciated

  • Feeling negative, overwhelmed or stressed

  • Trouble with problem solving or unable to change

  • Low confidence or self esteem 

  • Health issues or low energy

  • Birth or pre birth trauma

  • Feeling like you have lost control of your life or you are having negative relationship

Spiritual healing is easy to receive and you don’t have to put in any effort, change happens automatically, it's deep, effective and long lasting, removing baggage at root cause level. It works on emotional, physical and mental issues or a mix of things, you don't even have to know what is causing  your problems.

It's private, no one else need ever know. We'll never ring you, we only  ever contact you by  email. You don't need to be available at any specific time, we tell you what day your healing will be done and it will be at any time during that day.

Costs starting at just £20 per healing

Spiritual healing removes baggage at the root cause level by releasing the emotions that you have stored throughout your life. 

Enabling improvements that are effortless and build 

quickly giving deep, long lasting benefits.

Anyone can receive the benefits of spiritual healing regardless of age, gender, country of residence, religion or beliefs.

Even if you are sceptical! 

The healing is not hands on so we offer distance healing with communication by email.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Christmas Eve 2010. After my first spiritual healing session I was sceptical but I found that after each session, not only did I feel better physically but I also felt more positive and able to think about the future. 

I am now coming to the end of my medical treatment which has been made so much easier by the help of Spiritual Healing. I have discovered a happier way of living my life and I am now able to focus on living my life long into the future”

Steff from Harold,, Beds